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About Us

CAMAR INTERNATIONAL NETWORK is Foundation of Education Institute which concerns for providing education on “Floating Hotel, Hotel & Restaurant, and Shipping.”

Established in 1998, originally this foundation has been running an education in massive scale. Also it has experiences on providing services like Serving in Consultation and Professional Development, Expertise in Training and Education on Hotel Management, Providing Skilled Worker for Restaurant Owner or Tourism Entrepreneur, Providing Education Services and Placing Workers at local and overseas, and Management Training. The development of foundation is resulted by seriously efforts and supported by experience staff as well as give priority to first quality services.

Base on those experiences, supported by expert and professional staff, and suitable class facilities which are completed by modern technology, CAMAR INTERNATIONAL NETWORK believe can educate students to be professional and skilled workers.



Providing Indonesian people for getting jobs and careers in overseas at Cruise Ships and International Hotels. Developing human resources with professional skill, sturdy, and compatible in globalization era. Helping government to increase people prosperity.


To help young people who really would like to get jobs in overseas at Cruise Ships and International Hotels. The foundation gives briefing, supervising, and guidelines to participant candidate of Management Trainee in order to ready for joining the job, do professional, and get skilled onto managerial level.


“Think Globally, Learn Locally”

What is NHS or National Hotel School?

Like other institutions of hotel management education in Jakarta, Bandung, Bali, and some parts of Indonesian city, NHS or National Hotel School is one of Education and Training Institute for hotel skilled workers.

The different between NHS and other education institutions is on “the system of education and on the course materials package “. The NHS has adapted the system and course materials which main concerns for workers to do the job at Cruise Ships and International Hotels in cross the worlds.


NHS or National Hotel School has been established by a group of both former and still active staff who work for years at star hotels, international or chains hotel, and floating hotel.

Its activity has been registered at DEPDIKBUD No. G72/ PLSM/ L02/ MS/ 1997 and at DEPNAKER Tangerang No. Kep. C4/ W9/ K2/ 1998.

Since it has been established on 11 November 1996 ago, approximately 99% alumni of NAFTEL, which now the name was changed with NHS or National Hotel School, have been working in industrial jobs at various positions like F & B division, FO, HK etc. with NHS also involved to canalized them to industrial working.

The founding fathers and the teachers at NHS had working experiences of internationally standard hotels, either local hotel or hotel chains, and of cruise ships which is make condition for NHS to has access on job vacancy information in industrial working.

NHS has been teaching the up to date education

Providing students to have chance on job training in hotel industry.

While alumni of NHS have skill like other students from different Diklat (Education and Training institutions), they also can compete with other resources from various neighbor country like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Philippines.

NHS is the choice…

Considering with what was presented before, i.e.:

The system and course materials are always up to date

Facility of study is supported by audio visual: video, TV, slide, OHP

The teachers are the ones who have experience in their competency

There is chance on job training in hotel industry

There is access on job vacancy information in industrial working

So, it is not exaggerated to say if NHS, which still active to organize education and training activities for students who have interest to get job at cruise ships and hotel industry, is one of the proper choice.


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